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Download Proxyfier 3.21 Gratis Full Version - Asnur Blog

Pasti sobat asnur-blog yg sering make ssh udh ngga asing lagi ama software yg satu ini... yappsss PROXYFIER :) kali ini ane akan share Proxyfier 3.21 Gratis Full Version

Proxifier adalah sebuah Aplikasi/Program/Software yang memungkinkan suatu jaringan yang tidak mendukung proxy agar bekerja melalui proxy server untuk beroperasi melalui HTTP/HTTPS atau proxy SOCKS atau rantai proxy server (proxy chain). Biasanya software ini sering digunakan oleh phreaker untuk mendirect proxy. udh ngerti kan? haha

Berikut beberapa fitur fitur di Proxifier 3.21 :

  • Full support for Windows 8 desktop applications.
  • Windows 8 Metro (Windows Store) applications now work correctly when Proxifier Standard Edition is installed and running but they still completely bypass it.
  • Correct processing of IP4-mapped IPv6 addresses. Some applications like Java use such addresses even in IPv4 network environment.
  • SOCKS4 User ID has not been saved properly in profile in some scenarios.
  • Miscellaneous small improvements and adjustments.
  • Failover (redundancy list) allows assigning any number of back up proxies. Timeout is configurable. Proxy failure is transparent for the client application if redundancy is enabled.
  • Automatic profile update from a remote web server. User’s proxy login details get preserved.
  • Proxifier can use Authentication URL to be authorized on the proxy server. This option can work with specific proxy servers like Blue Coat.
  • Each proxy can be assigned a short name (label) that can be conveniently used in other parts of Proxifier.
  • Check for updates on start. Proxifier will display a message if there is a new version available.
  • New proxy chain type: load balancing. Now you can automatically distribute connections between several proxy servers.
  • User can enter login details interactively if login/password is blank in the profile.
  • Proxifier re-asks login/password interactively if authentication on proxy fails.
  • An option to force profile password encryption via the system registry.
  • Miscellaneous UI improvements and tweaks.
  • Traffic dumps for 64-bit applications.
  • GetSockName error 10022 fix.
  • Correct processing of "silent-load" command line parameter.
  • Improved logic for DNS over Proxy mode.
  • "Local authentication routines failed" error.
  • NTLM authentication on HTTPS proxy with "Transfer-Encoding: chunked" response.
  • Automatic routines like DNS mode detection do not conflict with manual UI settings.
  • Manual connection closure may cause UI freeze.
  • Proxy Checker works with login details that contain spaces.
  • Proxifier UI hyperlink double-click problem.
  • Check for spaces at proxy server address.
  • A proper rendering of a large list of profiles at menu.
  • Miscellaneous small fixes and adjustments.
Link Download :
Happy Phreaking ^_^

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